Our Vision

UNSW’s success will be built on embracing the diversity and cultural richness of our communities

Since its establishment in 1949, UNSW has been committed to excellence in teaching and research and providing equitable opportunities.  As a leader of innovation and social advancement through research, the University aims to have a positive impact on improving the lives of our students and employees, people in Australia and around the world. Equity, diversity and inclusion is a high priority and supports the ongoing success of students, staff and our contributions towards creating a just society for all.

Our Commitment

Equity diversity and inclusion is integral to the future success of our students and staff

UNSW values diversity of thought, experience and believes that an inclusive and collaborative culture underpins research and teaching excellence. UNSW aspires for our workforce and student population to reflect the demographics of our society. We celebrate and promote diversity as a key strength of our organisation. 

Be accepted for who you are

UNSW understands that everyone is different with individual perspectives and life experiences. Our goal is to create a campus where students and staff whole identity is embraced and accepted, regardless of their gender, disability, cultural background, sexual orientation or gender identity, enabling them to reach their full career and academic potential.

EDI Board Academic Chair Professor Eileen Baldry

EDI Board Academic Chair  

"I believe greater social justice results in a happier, safer and more prosperous society for all." 

Professor Eileen Baldry was appointed Academic Chair of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Board in early 2016 and was made UNSW’s first Deputy Vice-Chancellor Equity Diversity (DVC EDI) and Inclusion in 2017.

Eileen is a member of UNSW’s Management Board. As DVC EDI, Eileen oversees governance and policy setting by the Board, ensuring this aligns with the mission, direction and priorities outlined in UNSW’s 2025 Strategy. 

 “The evidence is that the more we improve equity and fairness in our society - that is, reduce the gap between rich and poor, achieve equity for women, Indigenous Australians, people with disability, the LGBTIQ+ community and other marginalised groups of people - the more everyone is able to contribute to and be positively invested in their communities and the broader society. Greater social justice results in a happier, safer and more prosperous society for all.”  

- Professor Eileen Baldry, EDI Board Academic Chair