Structure & Governance

EDI Senior Leadership Team

Our Division comprises a range of business units, networks and institutes to support a wide range of equity cohorts and initiatives.

Associate Professor Bruce Watson

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Associate Professor Bruce Watson has a diverse research and teaching background in sustainable futures, design studio learning and teaching, and most recently higher education management and policy.


Mary Teague

Improving access to higher education for students from under-represented backgrounds through research, partnerships and outreach and creating a welcoming and diverse community at UNSW where everyone can participate fairly in a safe and respectful environment.


Ursula Brown 

Supporting the operational needs of the Division ensuring initiatives are governed, work is visible and EDI principles always underpin the University’s conduct

The EDI Board

UNSW’s Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Board supports organisational change to enable the University to be a leading exemplar in diversity and inclusion. The University’s Leadership Team and Diversity Champions play an integral part in driving this change, meeting quarterly to prioritise initiatives that can improve equity and diversity for students and staff and reviews progress of diversity goals against the plans and targets set by the University, Faculties and Divisions.  

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Under UNSW’s Strategy 2025 Vision for Social Impact, EDI continues to work to shape and progress a just society by mobilising our community’s expertise to lead debate, sustainably address global challenges, and foster equity, diversity and inclusion.

We work with the whole UNSW community to embed the principles and practices of equity, diversity and inclusion across our campuses.