Add a student to the Plagiarism Register

The plagiarism register is intended to help staff to record instances of plagiarism found at School level, and not requiring investigation by the Conduct and Integrity Office (CIO).


Staff only. Use this form to add a substantiated plagiarism case to the Plagiarism Register

Register plagiarism

Make a Referral of Suspected Misconduct

A referral of misconduct is to advise the Conduct and Integrity Office (CIO) of serious concerns (academic or non-academic misconduct) that you believe require further investigation by the CIO. After submitting your referral you may be contacted for more information by a CIO case manager. You will be informed of the outcome of your referral once the investigation concludes. To ensure an effective referral, please ensure to include as much detail as possible, and (where relevant):

  • The course and exact assessment item involved
  • All relevant correspondence that you’ve had with the student
  • All relevant documentation (for example, the assessment task in which misconduct is suspected)
  • The steps taken so far, and any relevant staff involved


Staff only. Use this form to make a referral of suspected serious misconduct to be investigated by the Conduct and Integrity Office

Make a referral 


If you have any questions, or are unsure which option to take, please contact the Conduct and Integrity Office at or speak with your School’s Integrity Adviser.

Helpful information

UNSW holds its students and staff to the highest of standards. Here you can find out more about the standards enforced at UNSW and what to do if you suspect a breach of any of these codes has occurred.


Contract cheating is when a student engages another person to complete work for them, and then submits the work as their own, regardless if money was paid or not.