Cultural Diversity

Celebrating differences to bring unity through diversity

UNSW is a vibrant, multicultural campus with students and staff from over 120 different nationalities. We believe our cultural diversity is one of our main strengths, as it exposes us to alternative perspectives and experiences in our working, learning and research environments.  

We are deeply committed to respect and accept cultural diversity on campus, and in our society. We strive to have a culturally inclusive environment for students and staff so they can participate fully, share who they are, their unique perspectives and create a safe campus, free from harassment, bias or prejudices.   

“Cultural inclusion brings diversity of thought and new knowledge to our daily experiences.” 

As a culturally inclusive Division we listen, accept and welcome people and ideas that differ from our own. 

We value the contributions of people from diverse cultural backgrounds and empower you to learn and extend your own cultural awareness.  

As a global university, our culture will foster global citizens that can collaborate with people from all ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds to achieve great success.  

UNSW is committed to providing an environment that is free from racial discrimination, harassment and vilification. But racism does still exist in our society. It comes in many forms and can happen in any situation. 

At UNSW we respect the value systems and religions of our staff and students. Look here to access information about holy days for a variety of faiths

On Diversity Days we celebrate and support the rich diversity of our community to create a sense of belonging at UNSW.

Arc and UNSW have partnered in an initiative called 'Be A Better Human' in order to help strengthen a respectful and inclusive culture.Together we want to encourage everyone to do more when it comes to understanding, preventing and responding to disrespectful behaviours.