Anti-Racism Policy

UNSW is committed to providing an environment that is free from racial discrimination, harassment and vilification. 


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Our goal is to continue to build a safe and inclusive community that actively embraces and supports the rich perspectives that cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity bring to student and staff life at UNSW.  


This goal cannot be achieved without the conscious and genuine commitment by UNSW towards the elimination of racism and racial discrimination.  


The Division of Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is dedicated in helping achieve this goal through the delivery of robust, relevant policies and anti-racism education, which is always informed by the lived experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culturally diverse communities.  


This year, in a collaborative approach, EDI overhauled UNSW’s Anti-Racism Policy, to move beyond simple compliance. It is our hope that this Policy forms the foundation and will serve to not only set the standard of behaviour at UNSW, but to educate and support our students and staff to develop their understanding of the issues, terminology, and of our responsibilities. Further, I strongly encourage you to read UNSW's Indigenous Strategy, led by the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous, which details a whole of institution commitment to Indigenous education, teaching and research.  


Institutional and systemic racism are real threats to the safety and wellbeing of our community. An acknowledgement of the myriad ways racism can present in our society is essential if we are to combat and challenge racism when we encounter it, irrespective of how it manifests or how it is intended. It is our responsibility to work to dismantle institutional racism using the same rigorous processes as we use to prevent and respond to racist expression, harassment, and discrimination. 


I call on all members of our community to work with us to be better humans – active bystanders and allies in combatting racism – to our peers and colleagues. Being active bystanders means challenging racism (when it is safe to do so) and reporting racist incidents we witness or experience. Experiencing racism can be challenging, traumatic and distressing; no one should be subjected to this while studying and working at UNSW.  Racism can be reported through the UNSW Complaints Portal and can be made anonymously.  Support is available to all students and staff; please reach out if you need support. 

Signed: Prof Eileen Baldry, DVC EDI 


For more information, see the: 

UNSW Anti-Racism Policy  &  Equity Diversity & Inclusion Policy.