Cultural Diversity Resources

Multi-faith Calendar  

At UNSW we respect the value systems and religions of our staff and students. 

Keep up to date with Holy Days and festivals for Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

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Prayer, meditation and reflection spaces

Prayer, meditation, reflection and ablution facilities are located around UNSW. These are safe spaces available for UNSW staff and students to meet, pray, reflect, meditate or simply take some time for yourself.


Everyone Belongs  

UNSW Everyone Belongs videos shines a light on the lives and experiences of our culturally diverse students and staff. Get in touch to request a mini-series of the video to share in your Faculty, Division or School. Let’s celebrate our diverse UNSW community every day.  

“I am a firm believer in Maya Angelou’s observation that in diversity there is beauty and strength.” 

- Arifa Sarfraz, UNSW Cultural Diversity Champion