About Disability Inclusion

UNSW's Disability Inclusion Action Plan provides all areas of the University with a roadmap to improving access and inclusion for students and staff with disability. 

Enhancing the existing Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) is one of five initiatives identified by the 2025 Strategy.  

UNSW aims to: ‘focus on making the learning and teaching experience welcoming and inclusive, and the University’s built and digital environment accessible to all staff and students with disability’. 

UNSW has a diverse and inclusive workforce within which there are staff with disability. Such staff may have specific needs which should be accommodated through reasonable adjustments, including more flexible work practices, to enable them to contribute fully and actively at UNSW.  

The aim of such adjustments is to enable our staff with disability to fulfill their roles in the same way as their colleagues. This Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2018-2020 (DIAP) applies to University policy, practice and delivery of services. The DIAP provides a framework to provide equal access across UNSW to ensure all our staff and students can achieve to their highest potential. 

Have you seen something that needs attention? UNSW’s Division of EDI monitors an email address  which allows staff and students to alert the University to accessibility issues.