In 2022, two types of Disability Confident Training, run by the Australian Network on Disability, will be offered at the UNSW Sydney campus. The training will challenge participants, disrupt thoughts, and has the potential to facilitate change in practice and processes across the organisation. This will be done through discussion, group activities, scenarios and videos.

The following training sessions will provide the knowledge, skills and tools to build disability confidence in the workplace and classroom, and include employees, students and all stakeholders with disability.

Please note training will alternate between online and face-to-face format (UNSW Kensington campus). Face-to-face training may pivot online at short notice based on Covid restrictions and you will be notified accordingly.

Disability Inclusive Communications

This session is open to all UNSW staff members and students.

Participants will develop greater awareness of what disability is and develop confidence to use the right language and understand the value of inclusive behaviours and attitudes.

The interactive delivery style provides skills and knowledge to confidently communicate with people with disability, while providing an understanding of accessibility and inclusion in the workplace and learning environment.

2022 Schedule

Register by clicking the links below

  • Tue 29 March 10am-12pm: Closed
  • Thu 28 April 10am-12pm (Online): Closed
  • Tue 13 September 10am-12pm (Face-to-face at UNSW Kensington campus): Closed
  • Thurs 27 October 10am-12pm (Online): Join the waitlist here

Disability Confident Managers

NOTE: This session is appropriate for professional and academic staff who have people management roles. If this does not describe you, please consider registering for a Disability Inclusive Communications workshop, detailed above.

The training assists managers to confidently manage people with disabilities within their teams and facilitate an inclusive and enabling workplace.

By the completion of the training, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of disability confidence for individuals and the whole organisation
  • Have greater awareness of what disability is in the Australian society
  • Be confident in using the right language and doing the right things
  • Understand the value of inclusive behaviours and attitudes
  • Understand the key concepts, such as workplace adjustments, essential requirements and sharing information
  • Understand disclosure of disability from both an employee and an employer perspective

Participants will also develop inclusive management capabilities, such as:

  • Being confident to have appropriate discussions regarding performance management
  • Having awareness of the legislative requirements and considerations to the management of risk
  • Recognisig the importance of access to learning and development opportunities
2022 Schedule

Register by clicking the links below

  • Wed 29 June 10am-12pm (Online): Closed
  • Thu 14 July 10am-12pm (Face-to-face at UNSW Kensington campus): Closed