SBS Disability Course

“It takes a lot of work to be proud of who you are in the face of persistent exclusion.” - Stella Young

A job can change the arc of a life - any life. Work enables people with disability to achieve financial independence, improve their social skills, develop friendships and improve their mental health. Employing people with disability is also good for the bottom line. Organisations that employ people with disability regularly report increased productivity and sharply decreased staff turnover, sick days and safety issues.

Core themes

  • The word disability on the right and 5 overlapping blue circles on the right
    The “Why?” of disability inclusion
  • Types of disability
  • Assumptions about disability
  • How society perceives disability
  • Neurodiversity
  • Mental health
  • Technology and disability
  • How to include disability in the workplace

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the Disability course, trainees will have:

  • A broad awareness of the many types of disability and the social model of disability
  • Knowledge of best practices to foster inclusion of disability in the workplace
  • An understanding of how employing people with disability is good for the bottom line
  • An understanding of barriers in the workplace preventing inclusion of people with disability
  • Awareness of the effects of neurodiversity and mental health on inclusion


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