The ally@UNSW Network is made up of trained staff and students that aim to ensure that UNSW is a safe and welcoming place for all students and staff of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities (LGBTIQ+).

If you would like to contact any of the following Allies, they will be happy to hear from you and provide confidential referral advice.

Are you an Ally and would like to update your details? Or have you seen something that needs updating? Fill out this form. Please note that updates are made on a weekly basis.

We understand and encourage Allies to actively practice using pronouns in all communication. Please note that we're still in the process of updating this list and pronouns will be updated alongside all Allies soon.

UNSW Faculties


Nathan Zhao

Water Research Centre

Ademir Prata

School of Chemical Engineering

Rita Henderson

School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Lucy Marshall

School of Computer Science & Engineering

Sim Mautner
Adam Smallhorn
Harrison Steyn
Michael Thielscher
Dr Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson (He/Him)
Kexin Zhao

School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications

Cheryl Brown

School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Sonya Brown
Julisa Edwards
Muhammad Talal Ali Khan
Darson Li
Garth Pearce
Muhammad Tariq
Chasna Zeravshan Harper (They/Them)
Professor Tracie Barber (She/Her)

School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering

Fiacre Rogiueux


Parisa Ahmed
Muqing Dong
Liora Hoenig
Ina Oestroem

Centre for Big Data Research

Michael Falster

Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA)

Helena Chui

Children's Cancer Institute

Kate Gunther
Andrew Loomes
Patricia Manila

Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry

Jenna Zhao

Discipline of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Caroline Ford

Discipline of Paediatrics

Sarah Grattan
Eden Robertson

Discipline of Psychiatry

Jane Clarke

Faculty Operations

Susan Channells
Marianne Colbert
Nadia Ghafoorzada
Thomas Oakley

Kirby Institute

Steffen Docken
Bridget Haire
Steven Philpot
Roshana Sultan
Stefanie Vaccher
Barbara Yeung
Tyson Arapali
Luci Bamford

Medical Research Infrastructure

Shruthi Subramanian

Medicine Education Support Unit

Erin Azzopardi
Teagan Gale
Adam Strang

Medicine Research Support

Laura Derkenne
Dimitrios Pandioras
Dr Sam McAllery (They/She)

National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre

Katie Moses (She/Her)

Office of Medical Education

Kate Lawler
Silas Taylor
Adrienne Torda
Alison Cullen

Rural Clinical Campus - Greater Murray Division

Diana Potocnik
Ani Comb

Rural Clinical Campus - Mid-North Coast Division

Cara Elvidge
Amanda Fletcher
Emma Watson
Julianne Weatherley
Karan Bland 
Laura Griffiths
Emma Schofield

Rural Clinical Campus - Coffs Harbour

Alison Seccull 
Belinda Lancey
Lucy Frank
Marcia Cini

Rural Clinical School - Port Macquarie

Linda Ferrington
Jessica Macer-Wright
Ebony Taylor

School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS)

Krystyna Gieniec (She/Her)

School of Clinical Medicine

Leanne McQuiston

School of Health Sciences

Kirsty McDonald
Jeanette Thom

School of Medical Sciences

Tom Duncan
Karen Jane Gibson
Kimberley Hanssen
Cristan Herbert
Carinna Hockham
Allison Humphries
Margaret Mouat
Anna Palagyi
Kate Poole
Greg Smith
Nicola Smith
Kalli Spencer (He/Him)
Arlen Wilcox
Brendan Wilkins
Jordan Stoddart
Dr Julie Thoms (She/Her)
Dr David Jacques (He/Him)

School of Optometry & Vision Science

Belinda Ford
Simin Masoudi
Ajay Kumar Vijay
Mark Willcox

School of Population Health

Minh Cuong Duong
Simone Pettigrew
Paul Simpson
Ravit Danieli Vlandis
Leslie Peters

Single Molecule Science Lab

Michelle Cartwright
Dr Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan  (She/Her)

Southwest Sydney Clinical School 

Lorinda Carter
Tina Holmes
Craig Smith
Ben Taylor

The Black Dog Institute

Laura Kampel
Sophia Mobbs

The George Institute

Helen Monaghan
Leanne Tea
Ania Anderst
Amy Bestman
Belinda Ford 
Sarah Grattan 
Carinna Hockham 
Allison Humphries
Anna Palagyi
Simone Pettigrew
Arlen Wilcox
Peta Steadman
Helen Pappas
Hayley Paris
Shane Galgey
Kate Myburgh
Kate Hunter
Melanie Newman
Keziah Bennett-Brook
Angelie Costelo
Alexandra Jones
Clare Arnott
Aleksandra Moisoska
Grace Balicki 
Conrad Nangla 
Thomas Lung 
Kirsten Jakobsen
Tim Regan 

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Dr Emily Furlong (She/Her)


Sarah Haynes
Sujin Jang
Ashwini Manorathan
Robert Oakeshott
Katelyn Phillips
Ariella Van Luyn
Katherine Wu

ARC Centre for Excellence in Climate Extremes

Stephen Gray

Climate Change Research Centre

Dipayan Choudhury
Katrin Meissner

Dean's Unit

Mikaela Viray
Kira West
Steve Yannoulatos
Alyce Taylor

School of Aviation

Carlo Caponecchia
Pranav Sharma

School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences (BEES)

Rebecca Ballesteros (She/Her)
Justin Chan
Suhelen Egan
Clare Fletcher
Sophia German (She/Her)
Victoria Inman
Xinyi (Lexi) Lu
Jessica McConkey 
Pietro Pollo
Aly Ross
Jonathan Russell
Claire Sives
Annette Stellema
Bonnie Teece
Sebastian Vadillo Gonzalez
Mira van der Ley

School of Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences (BABS)

Brendan Burns
Lucy Angela Dobson
Kylie Jones
Angelique Ray

School of Chemistry

Anne Ayres
Justin Gooding
Ruth Thomas
Anna Wang
James Watson
Hannah Young
Vanessa Gotting
Dr Chelsea Forest (She/Her)

School of Materials Science & Engineering

Shivaashna Kumar
Paul Munroe
Bernd Schulz (He/Him)

School of Mathematics & Statistics

Professor Catherine Greenhill (She/Her)
Daniel Mansfield
Alessandro Ottazzi
Donna Mary Salopek

School of Physics

Associate Professor Elizabeth Angstmann (She/Her)
Julian Berengut
Tobias Felkl
Kate Jackson
Mireia Montes Quiles
Giulia Santucci
Tom Dixon
Jonny Rebolledo Moya

School of Psychology

Kate Hutton Bedbrook
Nicole Cruz
Tom Denson
James Dunn
Melanie Gleitzman
Elizabeth Haris
Dana Leidl
Fiona Phelps
Sebastian Rogers
Stephanie Roughley
Elizabeth Summerell
Marcus Taft
Alice Towler
Zihua Wang
Travis Wearne
Associate Professor Lisa Williams (She/Her)


Tara Louise Columna
Tobias Felkl
Clare Fletcher
Hun Yee Lai
Ziyi Que
Riley Wilson Sanders
Caroline Sim
James Watson


Alumni & Engagement

Julie Ong
Kate Panchal
Sarah Remfrey
Vicky Simao
Kate Bettes

Events & Communications

Danielle Peek (She/Her)

News & Content

Tasch Maurice

Philanthropy Development

Ruby Pradhan

Academic Administration

Karin Banna

Academic Development

Madeleine Wilson

Educational Delivery Services

Emily Chandler

Educational Experience

Steve Pappas
James Vassie
Angela Wang

Educational Insights & Engagement

Laura Nierengarten
Elise Ives
Evon Fung

Equitable Learning Services

Hannah Freedman-Smith (She/Her)
Carmella Mor
Mithula Premachandran
Michelle Sanders
Dr Katherine Neal  (She/Her)

International Student Experience

Andrie Efendi
Tracy Ellis
Tamara Sales

Learning Abroad & Exchange

Tami Oliveira
Clare Mander


Ryan Ling
Josette Milord

Student Engagement

Isabelle Vertucci

Student Success

Charlotte Long

Student Support

Michael Davidson

University Health Services

Samuel Jones

Health Promotions

Belinda Meggitt
Madhav Raman

Psychology & Wellness

Cyndi Bremer
Renee Griffin

Careers & Employability

Shaminie Chetty
Deborah Boswell (She/Her)
Daria Keys
Petrina Said

Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre

Katie Levick

Research Ethics & Compliance

Callum Smythe
Jane Sun

Research Infrastructure

Maria Kasherman 
Karen Privat 

Knowledge Exchange Office

David Heffer

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