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Whether you have been directly affected, are a witness to an incident or a support person, you can make an official complaint, an anonymous report or simply provide feedback.

UNSW reporting channels

A complaint is any type of problem, concern or grievance about your studies, student life, the University or the University environment. Basically, this means anything that negatively affects your studies or experience at University can be raised as a complaint.

The way the university handles complaints is set out in the Student Complaints Procedure

The UNSW Staff Complaint Procedure provides a process for addressing conflict in the workplace.  It outlines a range of options to resolve workplace issues, from informal 'discussion based' approaches to a formal complaint process.  If you are concerned or aggrieved about any aspect of your working life, you should not ignore it.   

The Sexual Misconduct Portal allows anyone to report an incident of sexual assault or harassment, whether you have been directly affected, are a witness to an incident or a support person. Reports can be made anonymously and will remain confidential unless specifically stated by the person reporting.

UNSW researchers are expected to be committed to high standards of professional conduct in accord with the accepted practice of their disciplines, codes of relevant external funding bodies and legislative requirements. Allowing people to do the wrong thing can have a detrimental impact on the reputation of UNSW and the excellence of research more generally.

SpeakUp@UNSW, is a program of services especially designed to support and facilitate confidential reporting of suspected wrongdoing, and for ensuring that these reports are properly managed and investigated and that disclosers are protected and supported. 

If you see, hear or experience anything that positively or negatively impacts your experience but you don't want to make an official complaint, you can still talk to us 

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If you have questions about what to expect from the complaints process you can find out more with the frequently asked questions.

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