Whilst it sounds simple enough, we know being an active bystander can be challenging at times.

We can all get absorbed in our own world (or phone) from time to time and therefore you may not notice a situation occurring. And if you do notice, you may be unsure if you are judging it correctly. Or apprehensive whether if is your place to say or do something. And if you are sure you should do something...what should you do to safely intervene and de-escalate the situation?

The thing to remember is that looking out for someone is nothing to be embarrassed about. It demonstrates empathy and concern.

Being an active bystander does not always require you confront the situation yourself. You can contribute to defusing the situation by informing someone in a position of authority that an incident might be occurring.

What people are saying

"UNSW's Be A Better Human Campaign excites me as it is providing a framework for students to be more active in fostering a safer and more respectful environment around them. Students at UNSW already pride themselves on our diversity and unity, but this initiative will hopefully aid students into taking an active stance outside of the University community" Jarrod Lambert IRC President