Inclusive Employer Index

Why are we participating? 

The survey will build on data collected in surveys run previously by the Division of EDI in 2017 (Athena SWAN Gender Equity Survey) and in 2019 (Respect Survey).

It will inform the development of a university-wide gender equity strategy, bolster the rationale for the progression of gender-inclusive initiatives, and establish a baseline for evaluating progress and impact. 

What will happen with the results?

When the survey closes on 30 September, Access, Equity and Inclusion in the Division of EDI will undertake a review and analysis of the results. All results will be aggregated and detailed reporting will be shared with relevant stakeholders in EDI and UNSW Senior Leadership.

These reports will identify and address any areas of concern and inform future program design and strategy development. High-level results of the survey will be shared with staff in the months after the survey. 

Data will be reported back to UNSW at an institutional level only, and data will not be collected or identifiable at a faculty or divisional level. There will be a minimum reporting threshold, meaning that results will only be reported if more than 10 people respond. 


Staff responses to this survey are voluntary and entirely confidential, and there’s no way for your individual responses to be tracked.   

No other participating organisations will receive any information about how UNSW performed and any comparison data that is provided will be fully aggregated and deidentified. Cultural Infusion and DCA will not have access to UNSW staff contact details at any point in this process. 

Support for staff 

If at any point the survey raises anything for staff where additional support or action is required, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the following reporting mechanisms and resources:  

Take the survey!

The survey is open now, and will close on 30 September. It contains 55 questions and will take between 10-15 minutes to complete.  

Take the survey

UNSW is committed to fostering workplace diversity and inclusion to ensure our community feels respected, connected, and able to progress and contribute at work. We are participating in the Inclusive Employer Index to support this commitment and want to learn from you about what we are doing well, as well as find opportunities to do better.