Providing UNSW staff with student consultancy.

UNSW's Student Lived Advisory Group (LEAG) was established in 2020 to reflect and engage with diverse lived experiences and needs of the student body within university programs and broader decision making.

What does the LEAG do?

The LEAG has recruited current UNSW students with lived experience of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The project offers students paid, workplace development opportunities and the ability to build positive relationships with current students, while increasing students’ participation, awareness and understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion across UNSW.

Students consult on a wide range of campaigns and projects and contribute to policy review, the improvement of processes, communications, events, responses to social movements and brainstorming creative ideas. This process enables students to strengthen their advocacy, public speaking, chairing meetings, leadership skills, whilst broadening their understanding of developing and contributing to an equitable, inclusive and diverse working environment.

Current team

The LEAG contains a group of fifteen students who can offer feedback on relevant university projects or activities based on their individual lived experiences. It includes students from culturally diverse backgrounds, migrant and refugee experiences, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTQIA+, low socio-economic backgrounds, mature students, students with a disability, women in STEMM fields, and parents and carers. See below for more information on the team.

Latest projects

The LEAG have consulted on a wide range of UNSW issues such as the Disability Inclusion Action Plan, Study Abroad, the Women’s Wellbeing Academy and the ADA Student Hardship Fund.

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Our Members

The appointed group reflects the vibrant cohort of students across UNSW. Indigenous students, students from culturally diverse and migrant backgrounds, the LGBTIQ+ community, students from low socio-economic backgrounds, mature students, students with disability, women in STEM fields, and parents and carers have all been selected to provide nuanced perspectives on complex issues.

Each member has their own goals, interests, and outcomes they wish to see achieved.

More information

The Division aims to create an inclusive campus for students and staff to reach their full potential and to promote the value and benefits of diversity for students, staff and visitors.

One of the five initiatives outlined by the Strategy 2025 is to implement UNSW’s Disability Action Plan (DIAP). This plan aims to make the learning, working and teaching experience welcome and inclusive for people of all abilities.

Visit the homepage for the SDGs and explore UNSW's contributions to the SDGs, our expert profiles, degree courses and, publications and reports