WiRN: Women in Research Network

The Women in Research Network (WiRN) is UNSW's leading forum for research-active women to connect and collaborate to build an equitable and inclusive research culture at UNSW.  


The WiRN works to progress gender equity across the University through the trifecta of support, information, and advocacy, 

  1. supports by encouraging women in research to come together to share experiences and network with colleagues, 
  2. informs by providing access to, and be a conduit for, communication pathways for events, skills-development and information,
  3. advocates by working to enhance the research culture at UNSW for women researchers through strategic engagement at faculty and university levels.

WiRN is led by an executive committee comprising representatives from all faculties, an HDR representative, the UNSW Gender champion and a representative from the Researcher Development Unit.

WiRN is UNSW's forum for research-active women to connect with one another to form positive professional relationships. Membership is free and open to all women (cis and trans) at UNSW.