To positively impact women’s1 wellbeing, nationally and globally, through multidisciplinary collaborative research, practice, teaching and programs that advance gender equity and equality.

Towards our vision

Over the next 5 years the WWBA will be working towards initiating a small number of unique projects funded by philanthropy and seed-funding and will support, promote, and amplify the work of its members in three areas of focus:

  1. Medicine and health: provide a platform, opportunities and networks for staff and students to promote and develop further their work in women’s health, leveraging interdisciplinary expertise to address systemic issues in healthcare that affect women. Initiate projects such as contributing to the development of women’s health in the life course in the Health Translation hub, First2000 Days and projects launched through the WWBA small grants program.
  2. Arts and social sciences: leveraging UNSW’s expertise in the arts, social sciences and human rights by providing a platform and networks for staff and students to amplify work on cultural diversity, language, legal systems, human rights, diversity and inclusion. Unique WWBA initiatives focus on intersectional approaches such as Career Coaching for Carers and the ongoing partnership with SilkRoads@UNSW.
  3. Partnerships and alliances: providing a platform to promote and amplify UNSW’s alliances in gender equity, work with collaborators and donors on programs that focus on national and global impact and develop innovative partnerships that prioritise intersectional approaches and self-determination for women. These Alliances include the NUW Alliance2, the academic health science partnership Maridulu Budyari Gumal (SPHERE), the PLuS Alliance3.

We have various types of membership to allow for UNSW staff and students as well as collaborators to join the WWBA.