Elizabeth Quarashie

UNSW Student - she / her

"As I couldn't see a single African person online, I almost didn't enrol".

Elizabeth completed her undergraduate degree in Ghana, Africa. Seven years later, with an interest to studying aboard, she started researching Australian universities. She quickly discovered there was an under representation of African students across university websites. “There was not a single image of a black person on the UNSW website.” Worried she would not fit in, she almost gave up the chance to study at UNSW.  

“Ghana is an extremely homogenous country. I needed to know I would be safe and have a positive experience studying in Australia.”  

Elizabeth gained some confidence seeing students of different ethnicities online, even though she could not see herself. While studying Commerce, Economics and Finance, she has immersed herself in Australia’s multiculturalism; the foods, lifestyles and cultures that are part of mainstream society.  

“I hope to inspire other Africans to study overseas and show the international community that Australia can be everyone’s home away from home.”  

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