Jake Fing

UNSW Student - he / him / his

"My Aboriginal identity is often challenged by racial stereotyping".

Jake Fing is tired of the question, “How much Aboriginal are you?” While the question is usually born out of curiosity and not malice, it has discriminatory roots in racial profiling and institutionalised racism. Jake is the Indigenous Officer for the SRC Collective, a single parent and a final year Law/Arts student. Jake’s Caucasian appearance means he is often asked to measure his aboriginality in fractions, and this upsets him.  

“In Aboriginal culture we don’t measure it. I am Aboriginal and that’s enough.”  

Jake has Indigenous heritage, was raised with First Nation values and has deep relationships with Aboriginal culture. “Nura Gili has had a positive impact on my experience at UNSW.” He wants people to understand what you see on the surface, isn’t always reflective of the full person.  

“I feel we need to see each other as complex, and uniquely different human beings – impossible to box or systematically categorise. We can be better humans to each other by being open, accepting and helping others understand our differences.”  

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