EDI Grants

UNSW is committed to fostering a campus culture that promotes equity, diversity and inclusion.

To leverage the innovative talents of UNSW students and staff working toward those goals, the Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion is offering grants of up to $5,000 for projects that contribute to EDI’s mission to "instil equity, diversity and inclusion across the University and equip our community to contribute to a fair and just society".

Who can apply?

EDI Grants are open to all UNSW students and ongoing and fixed-term academic and professional staff, either as individuals or in teams.

Grant Applications Open

Grant Applications Close

Grant Winners Announced

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Thursday 8 July 2021

Project delivery

Presentation to the EDI board

July 2021 - February 2022

March 2022


The EDI Divisional Management Team will consider the applications to determine the successful grant recipients.

Yes! Provided that your contract with UNSW runs at least until the end of April 2022.

No, you are welcome to apply as an individual, but we do encourage working as a team where possible to help in managing workload.

We encourage projects that will contribute to EDI’s mission to "instil equity, diversity and inclusion across the University and equip our community to contribute to a fair and just society". There are no constraints on the nature of the projects that may be undertaken with grant funding. They may range from apps, events, workshops, educational tools, a pilot scheme to assist in a larger funding applications etc.

The funds can be used for any goods or services that support the initiative outlined in your grant application (e.g. design costs, catering, room hire). Travel and salaries (e.g. Research Assistants) cannot be funded by the EDI Grants.

Any unspent funds by February 2022 will be returned to the Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion.

Grant winners will be required to complete:

  • Mid-way progress report (due October 2021)
  • Presentation on the project to the EDI Board (March 2022)
  • Final report (due April 2022)

All grant recipients must give a 5 - 10 minute presentation on their project and its outcomes at the EDI Board meeting in March 2022 (date to be confirmed). Guidelines for the presentation will be provided to successful applicants. If required, the presentation can be pre-recorded by the grant winner.

The Division of EDI will provide funding of up to $5,000, assistance in paying invoices, updates on budget remaining, and all templates for reports and presentations. We will be on hand to assist where we can with questions you may have. The rest is up to you!

The intellectual property created will remain with the grant winner. We ask that where possible you mention the Division of EDI at UNSW in relevant media generated by the project, and that we are able to celebrate any achievements of the project as part of our future communications.

Please email edi@unsw.edu.au. We would be happy to answer any questions on the EDI Grants program.

The Digital Accessibility Project: Dr Wilfred Brandt

Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Campuses: Dr Scott Brown

Showcasing Co-Production: Professor Terry Cumming

Disability Perspectives through Virtual Reality: Dr Veronica Jiang

Tales from Close and Afar: Bic Tieu

The Division aims to create an inclusive campus for students and staff to reach their full potential and to promote the value and benefits of diversity for students, staff and visitors.

Image courtesy of UNSW Engineering Activation Hub. Peter Worsley, sculptor and former Paralympian works with UNSW students and staff to develop a device that can assist him with reading a physical book. Activation Hub developed from a 2019 EDI Grant for the 'ConnectEquip' project, awarded to Associate Professor Lauren Kark.