ally@UNSW Network

The ally@UNSW network aims to ensure UNSW is a safe and welcoming place for all LGBTIQ+ students and staff.

What is an ally?

The ally@UNSW Network is a group of trained students and staff who are allies to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) community at UNSW. They are committed to making UNSW a great place for everybody by reducing barriers of fear and ignorance that lead to prejudice and discrimination.

What does an ally do?

Allies are trusted, safe, confidential contacts who pledge a commitment to learning, recommending areas for improvement at UNSW,  and encourage LGBTIQ+ voices – sharing articles, posting on social media and engaging local areas to celebrate and recognise days of significance like Mardi GrasIDAHOBIT and Wear It Purple day.

Allies are not expected to be experts on diverse sexualities, sexes and genders. Their role is to create a visible presence, take a proactive stance and cultivate an inclusive culture on campus.

Ally@UNSW copy over the UNSW rainbow

Wherever you see ally@UNSW you will know you have found a trained supportive staff member or student who is able offer confidential referral to appropriate services.


Becoming an ally@UNSW

All staff and students are welcome to participate and stand together as allies, including those who identify in LGBTIQ+ communities and those who do not.

Training is free, optional and open to all current staff and students who wish to broaden their knowledge of and support LGBTIQ+ communities at UNSW.

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Supporting our LGBTIQ+ community at UNSW

We are proud that our community is made up of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities; and we continually strive to make UNSW a welcoming place for LGBTIQ+ students and staff.