Free and for everyone

If you are new to the ally@UNSW Network and have not completed any previous training at UNSW, you are welcome to attend this free two-part training course to become an ally@UNSW for LGBTIQ+ communities.

Managers, supervisors, academics and any students in leadership or support roles are especially encouraged to complete the course. This includes all identifying and non-identifying LGBTIQ+ students and staff. For students, this course is accreditable as part of the UNSW Student Leadership Program.

*NOTE: There is no longer a requirement for existing Allies (those who have completed any previous ally@UNSW training) to complete the workshops.

In 2022, ally@UNSW training will be completed as a two-day course. Courses will run three times during the year (once per term). The total time commitment is five hours, split across two consecutive days. The 'LGBTIQ+ Foundations' Workshop 1 is three hours long and the 'Becoming an Active ally@UNSW' Workshop 2 is two hours long. Once registered, you will automatically be enrolled in both workshops. All participants must complete both workshops on consecutive days to become an ally@UNSW.

All workshops will be in-person at the UNSW Sydney Kensington campus, but may pivot to a Zoom session at short notice based on COVID restrictions.

Term :  November sessions are now full. Join the waitlist here.

Workshop 1 – LGBTIQ+ Foundations

Tues 15 November 2022 | 9:30am – 12:30pm (3 hrs)


Workshop 2 – Becoming an Active ally@UNSW

Wed 16 November 2022 | 9:30 – 11:30am (2 hrs)

Workshop 1 – LGBTIQ+ Foundations

This introductory workshop provides a broad set of information to increase awareness of critical past and current impacts and influences on the lived experience of LGBTIQ+ people with a clear focus on the university environment. Topics include:

  • Basic knowledge around LGBTIQ+ people and communities, including unpacking various forms of the initialism
  • The difference between sex characteristics, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation
  • Understanding health and wellbeing and the impacts of social stigma and assumptions
  • Intersectionality
  • Inclusive language and pronouns
  • Respectful and inclusive behaviours in the workplace and classroom
  • Overview of support and initiatives at UNSW
  • Role and importance of Allies.
Workshop 2 – Becoming an Active ally@UNSW

This workshop builds on the foundational knowledge from Workshop 1 and focuses on the role of an active ally@UNSW, including the tools to be a visible, confidential source of support and to be active, influence and advocate on behalf of LGBTIQ+ people and communities at UNSW and broadly. Topics include:

  • The role of an active ally@UNSW
  • Active representation and being an active bystander
  • Topical issues
  • Increasing visibility
  • Finding your voice
  • The power of personal narratives
  • Creating new conversations.

The role of an ally@UNSW

Your role as an active ally@UNSW involves a commitment to creating an inclusive environment for LGBTIQ+ identifying students and staff.

This includes being publicly listed (you may opt out) on the website and being a trusted, safe, confidential contact who continues to learn, recommends areas for improvement at UNSW, calls out discrimination when it's safe to do so, and encourages LGBTIQ+ voices – sharing articles, posting on social media and engaging your local areas to celebrate and recognise days of significance like Mardi Gras, IDAHOBIT and Wear It Purple.

More on the ally@UNSW Network

Since 2008, UNSW has built a network of students and staff who pledge to take a proactive stance against discrimination based on diverse genders, sexes and sexualities.