Wear it Purple Day

Celebrating LGBTIQ+ people

In recognition of Wear it Purple Day and our mission to support LGBTIQ+ youth at UNSW, Arc, the Queer Collective, and the ally@UNSW invite you to learn more about the history of Wear it Purple and to help create a safe and inclusive environment for queer youth on and off campus.

    Ways to be supportive

    Supporting LGBTIQ+ youth does not always have to involve going to rallies or donating money. Here are some other ways you can work towards becoming an active ally:

    • Educate yourself on LGBTIQ+ identities and history 
    • Use inclusive language regardless of your audience
    • Introduce yourself with your pronouns and include them in your email signature
    • Don’t make assumptions about someone's gender or sexuality 
    • Provide an open mind, ear and confidential space for LGBTIQ+ friends, family and colleagues
    • Be an active bystander if you witness instances of homophobia/transphobia/biphobia/interphobia, no matter how big or small
    • Use a Wear it Purple background in your next online meeting
    • Learn about the history of Wear it Purple in the above video
    Purple background with still me, still human, happy wear it purple day written and interlocking hands

    About Wear it Purple:

    Wear it Purple is an Australian organisation that works to support safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people. They work with schools, universities and youth organisations to provide resources, education and opportunities for Queer youth to engage in community.

    Every year, on the last Friday of August (26 August in 2022), Wear it Purple encourages schools, universities and workplaces to run events that educate on Queer identities and encourage the development of safe and inclusive spaces. These events often run as fundraisers for the organisation, to be able to increase their community outreach and provide greater resources, or for similar LGBTIQ+ youth focused organisations and charities. 

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