A wide range of resources from collectives and networks to guidelines and content to support our diverse community.

Culture & Religion

UNSW is a vibrant, multicultural campus with students and staff from over 120 different nationalities. We believe our cultural diversity is one of our main strengths, as it exposes us to alternative perspectives and experiences in our working, learning and research environments.  

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We are creating a campus culture that recognises the needs of people with disabilities and ensures the learning and teaching experience is welcoming and inclusive, and that the University’s built and digital environment is accessible for all.

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We seek to foster a culture that is truly inclusive, in which all women (cis & trans) can participate equally in all areas and levels to achieve their full potential. 

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We understand LGBTIQ+ people continue to face challenges in society that their non-LGBTIQ+ equivalents may not experience and are committed to ensuring LGBTIQ+ students and staff can thrive in our community without experiencing alienation or ill-treatment by others at the University. 

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