At UNSW, we are creating a campus culture that recognises the needs of people with disabilities and ensures the learning and teaching experience is welcoming and inclusive and that the University’s built and digital environment is accessible for staff and students with disability.  

UNSW is a member of Australian Network on Disability, a national, membership-based organisation which supports organisations to advance the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business. 

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UNSW's Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) provides all areas of the University with a roadmap to improving access and inclusion for staff and students with disability. 

Often there is a common misconception that you can ‘detect’ whether someone has a mental health condition.

UNSW's Reasonable Adjustment Guidelines are designed to help staff navigate the reasonable adjustment process and assist managers to support current and prospective staff with visible and non-visibile disability. 

The  Disability Innovation Institute at UNSW (DIIU) is a world-first initiative, harnessing interdisciplinary research with people with disability to seek innovative solutions.