UNSW Supporting UNSW’s Working Parents

UNSW is committed to helping staff balance work-life responsibilities, by providing access to high-quality services, facilities, and flexible work and leave arrangements, where possible.  

Flexibility&Leave@UNSW provides information relevant for parents, carers, and staff who wish to investigate flexible work and leave options. 

UNSW has a lot of information at your fingertips so you can research your rights under the relevant awards and see what’s on offer. 

Support funds

  • Career Advancement Fund Procedure for Female Academics during or returning from Maternity/Adoption Leave provides up to $10,000 to assist female academics to re-establish and advance their careers, after returning from a period of maternity leave.
  • Vice-Chancellor's Childcare Support Fund provides up to $2,000 to support female academic researchers with the extraordinary cost of childcare when travelling to present their research.

Explore our support for working parents: