Gender Affirmation Guideline for Students

UNSW recognises that trans and gender diverse people can face unique and complex challenges, and that a supportive environment can play a central role in enhancing a person’s wellbeing. 

Gender affirmation

For many people experiencing gender affirmation, having their identity recognised at university is an integral part of living as their affirmed gender. What gender affirmation looks like for each trans and gender diverse person is unique and based on what is best for them.

In collaboration with trans and gender diverse students, staff, Allies and the University community, UNSW has developed this Guideline which takes a person-centred approach to gender affirmation.

The Guideline seeks to comprehensively support students affirming their gender at university, while also addressing needs, issues and frequently asked questions that may arise for their teachers, tutors, classmates, friends and anyone else who plays a supportive role.

Gender Affirmation Guideline for students

We encourage people to dress how they feel best reflects their gender – this applies to everyone including transgender, gender diverse and non-binary employees. 

If you require more information or have any comments, questions or concerns about this Guideline please contact Diversity & Inclusion. 

Gender inclusive bathrooms 

Gender inclusive logo on LGBTIQ+ rainbow background

UNSW has female, male and unisex bathrooms. All students are entitled to use the bathroom of their choice. 

The roll-out of the gender inclusive (all-gendered bathrooms) at UNSW’s Paddington campus is part of our active commitment to create an inclusive and respectful campus for all students and staff. The Paddington campus is the first campus to partake in this initiative. Students and staff are invited to share the feedback. The intention is to have gender inclusive bathrooms across UNSW campuses. Contact the EDI Team for information.

Safety of students 

Safety of students is of paramount concern at UNSW. If you experience any harassment on campus or do not feel safe please call Security Services.