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Bachelor of Engineering (Renewable Energy)

The Bachelor of Engineering (Renewable Energy) degree explores the best ways to make use of renewable energy technologies, including solar thermal systems, photovoltaics, wind and biomass. It borrows much of its structure from other areas of engineering, drawing resources from all around UNSW into a consolidated degree supporting learning for this growing industry.

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Master of Commerce (Global Sustainability and Social Impact)

The Global Sustainability and Social Impact major in the Master of Commerce degree allows you to explore the latest business thinking in order to improve sustainability and social impact on a global level. You will build real-world expertise and career opportunities with practical experience, workplace connections and a comprehensive understanding of the business environment in your chosen field. 

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Master of Engineering Science (Chemical Process Engineering)

When you choose a degree in chemical process engineering as part of a Master of Engineering Science, you’ll explore efficient process design and look at robust, objective analyses of chemical plants, industrial processes and general operations in the chemical industry. Your studies will include extensive coverage of current business and environmental issues in the chemical and food industry.

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