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Bachelor of Science

From oceanography to neuroscience, biotech to quantum physics, a science degree unlocks a world of career possibilities. This bachelor’s degree gives you the flexibility to explore different disciplines to find the field that sparks your passion.

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Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)

Discover solutions to the world’s biggest challenges with the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours). This advanced-level degree caters to talented students and innovative thinkers. It’ll prepare you for a career at the forefront of scientific discovery and innovation.

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Bachelor of Life Sciences

Discoveries in life sciences are integral to the advancement of our world and society. The Bachelor of Life Sciences is a generalist degree that brings together the biological, environmental and medical sciences to answer fundamental questions. This degree will equip you with transferable skills that can be applied to a wide range of industries. This program also provides a pathway to postgraduate study, especially in health and medical fields.

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Master of Marine Science and Management

The Master of Marine Science and Management is multidisciplinary and cross-institutional, giving you access to a comprehensive set of approaches and methods unique to the field. Your study will explore information systems and remotely sensed data analysis. It also covers the impact and use of marine science on legislation and management in marine and coastal zones. You’ll learn about coastal management and engineering, climate change, marine ecology and conservation, physical oceanography and modelling.

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Master of Engineering Science in (Water, Wastewater and Waste Engineering)

The Master of Engineering Science in (Water, Wastewater and Waste Engineering) is designed for students who already have an engineering degree and want to broaden their job prospects through cross training, re-training or specialisation. This degree will cover current and future technologies for water usage, wastewater treatment and waste disposal. You’ll learn the fundamentals of current practices in this field and engage with existing and future technologies ensuring your degree is relevant today and tomorrow.   

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