Publications & Reports

For the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Becker, S. O., Grosfeld, I., Grosjean, P., Voigtländer, N., & Zhuravskaya, E. (2020). Forced migration and human capital: Evidence from post-WWII population transfers†. American Economic Review, 110(5), 1430-1463


CIES Annual Report 2019 

UNSW Strategy 2025 Innovation Statement 



Why do markets need designing?



  • Zhang, D., Pan, S. L., Yu, J., & Liu, W. (2020). Orchestrating big data analytics capability for sustainability: A study of air pollution management in China. Information and Management.
  • Vidgen, R., Hindle, G., & Randolph, I. (2020). Exploring the ethical implications of business analytics with a business ethics canvas. European Journal of Operational Research, 281(3), 491-501


SPRC Annual Reports

SPRC Work, Income and Health Inequity Report 2021 

Inequality in Australia 2020 Report 


  • Iskhakov, F., & Keane, M. (2020). Effects of taxes and safety net pensions on life-cycle labor supply, savings and human capital: The case of Australia. Journal of Econometrics.

Reports and Articles

Cracks in the Concrete City: Defects in Strata 

2020 Australian Homelessness Monitor


  • Meyer, R., Kornberger, M., & Hoellerer, M. (2020). How cities think: Thought style, thought collective, and the impact of strategy. Research in the Sociology of Organizations.



Kaldor Centre Impact Report 

Kaldor Centre Factsheets 


  • Walpole, M. (2020). Ethical standards for tax advisers. In R. F. van Brederode (Ed.), Ethics and Taxation (pp. 233-246).
  • Gregson, S., & Quinlan, M. (2020). Subcontracting and low pay kill: Lessons from the health and safety consequences of sweated labour in the garment industry, 1880-1920. Labor History (US), 1-17.

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