Through My Eyes

Women with disability face participation barriers based on long-held attitudes around their identity that adversely affect their health, income levels, and access to education and employment. It is through a reductive, narrow view of disability identity that disabling assumptions arise and discriminatory barriers are reinforced.
To challenge these assumptions, six female photographers with physical impairment shared their personal experiences and stories through the medium of photography. Over a period of three months, they conceived and constructed visual responses to four feminist topics: the politics of appearance, sexuality, exclusion/inclusion and power imbalances.
Black Dog Institute

‘Through My Eyes’ is a collaborative, arts-based knowledge translation research project initiated at Black Dog Institute and UNSW Sydney by Diane Macdonald, Angela Dew, Karen Fisher and Katherine Boydell.

Header images: Malissa Thorpe '36 weeks' 2019; Melinda Montgomery 'This is me' 2019; Evianne Grosvenor 'Heels in wheels' 2019; Karen Peacock 'The distance between me and you' 2019; Marusha Row Pride 'The little girl' 2019; Kerry Fountain 'Thoughts and prayers' 2019.