Wide Angle Film Festival

The Wide Angle Film Festival brings together compelling films that reflect the lived experience of people with disability. For its 12th edition, it presents a curated selection of diverse, exceptional, international short films that reflect unique perspectives.

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Film Program

The Milky Pop Kid, Fiction, AUSTRALIA (7’00”)

Image description: A woman in a blue dress and scarf with a cheeky smile on her face.
With a twinkle in her eye, actor and disability consultant Jules attempts to share with actor Craig what life is like living with a disability.


Cesar’s Workshop, Non-Fiction, RWANDA (3’23”)

Image description: A man in a workshop uses a blade to cut into a prosthesis.
In Kigali, Rwanda, a man named Cesar is building prosthetics for the poorest of his neighborhood. Having lost his leg during the war and experienced a poorly made prothesis he now makes quality prosthetics for others.


Venus, Non-Fiction, U.K. (5’41”)

Image description: A woman with long blue, green and yellow hair stares into the camera as bubbles float around her.
Faye Carr Wilson’s Venus is an intimate, personal story about disability, empowerment and individuality. In this lovingly crafted documentary, we follow drag performer Venus Dimilo, who explores the art form as a means for creative expression and freedom.


Corey the Warrior, Non-Fiction, AUSTRALIA (3’00”)

Image description: A man in a blue shirt looks into the camera as he holds the corner of a painting.
Yuin and Bundjalung man, Corey Stewart suffered a brain injury in a car accident that tragically kills his mother. He is now an artist and paints the things he loves: his totems and nature around him.


Prone to the Drone, Fiction, AUSTRALIA (11’00”)

Image description: A close up of a man wearing a super hero mask.
Prone to the Drone is a melancholy comedy about loneliness and connection, as seen through the eyes of a man who has made a life to protect himself from the chaos and accidents of the outside world.


Re-cal-i-brate, Non-Fiction, AUSTRALIA (6’00”)

Image description: A man looks intently at electrical equipment as he works.
Majid Rabet uses innovation, invention and art as his therapy as a way of overcoming the trauma he's suffered as a refugee


Just Go, Fiction, LATVIA (10’13”)

Image description: A man with no legs rides a skateboard holding the back of a moving car.
Just (pronounced Yoost) is speaking to a woman he likes, Eva, when two men snatch her handbag and run away. Based on a true story, Just begins a long and thrilling chase. This is an ending you’ll never guess.