We know that standing up and speaking out against injustices can be a daunting.

In this brand new content series we talk to people who courageously share their personal experiences with racism, discrimination, harassment and bullying; sharing how they have been impacted and what they’ve learnt from it.

We hope these stories will help the UNSW community to understand how we can better support our classmates, colleagues, friends and fellow community members by being an active bystander and safely providing support to those being impacted.

Episode 1: Khadija Gbla

Differences in culture and background are simply that – differences. Not better or worse, simply different.

Khadija Gbla is a cultural consultant and peer educator with unmatched ability to bridge the difference. Khadija provides advocacy, training, speaking on domestic and family violence, sexual health, racism, human rights, mental health, migrants and refugees and cultural diversity.

Share your story

We believe small things can make big differences. And, your stories can have lasting impacts on others to be better, kinder humans. Whether you are actively involved in equity, diversity and inclusion or have a personal story about your lived experience that you are willing to share as part of this series, we want to hear from you!   

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