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Since its establishment in 1949, UNSW has been committed to excellence in teaching and research and providing equality of opportunity.  As a leader of innovation and social advancement through research, the University aims to have a positive impact in improving the lives of our students and employees, people in Australia and around the world.  


The Division aims to create an inclusive campus for students and staff to reach their full potential, regardless of their background and to promote the value and benefits of diversity for students, staff and visitors.

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  • 17/01/2020 - 18/04/2020
    10:00am - 5:00pm
    Wansolwara: One Salt Water is a series of exhibitions, performances and events from across the Pacific and throughout the Great Ocean.
  • 26/02/2020 - 26/02/2020
    11:00am - 12:00pm
      We are calling for 1,000 people to make UNSW's first - ever Human Rainbow! Join students, staff, UNSW Alumni and the wider community to make a Human Rainbow down University Mall at UNSW Kensington Campus.
  • 29 February
    7pm - 10pm

    Sydney Mardi Gras is an important message of universal love, and activism. It reflects the progress we have made over the decades towards diversity, inclusion and acceptance.  

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The UNSW Respect! Survey invited students and staff from 18 April – 17 May 2019 to share their experiences in relation to harassment, bullying, discrimination, sexual misconduct and related topics.

UNSW Diversity Fest 2019 brings students, staff and the wider community together to uplift voices from diverse backgrounds and ignite conversations for a more inclusive society.