Anti-Racism Grants

Harmony Week written in orange

UNSW is committed to fostering a campus culture that promotes equity, diversity and inclusion.

To mark Harmony Week and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discriminationthe Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion is launching four anti-racism grants up to the value of $2,500 each to enable students and staff at UNSW to celebrate diversity and continue to improve our culture by bringing their ideas, events and activations to tackle racial discrimination, to life.

As part of Be A Better Human we want to encourage everyone to do more when it comes to creating safe and respectful spaces (physical and digital) at UNSW – especially when it comes to preventing and responding to racism in our community.

Opening soon

For current UNSW students, the Student Activation Fund is open to applications for projects that can address issues such as access, inclusion, belonging, global and environmental sustainability.

If you have any questions on the Anti-Racism Grants program or the Student Activation Fund, please email


A panel appointed by EDI will select the successful grant recipients.

Students and staff could apply as individuals, but working as team is encouraged where possible to help in managing workload.

We encourage projects that will tackle racial discrimination and contribute to EDI’s mission to "instil equity, diversity and inclusion across the University and equip our community to contribute to a fair and just society". There are no constraints on the nature of the projects that may be undertaken with grant funding. They could be apps, events, workshops, educational tools etc.

The funds can be used for any goods or services that support the initiative outlined in your grant application (e.g. design costs, catering, room hire). Travel and salaries (e.g. Research Assistants) cannot be funded by the EDI Grants.

Any unspent funds by December 2023 will be returned to the Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion.

The intellectual property created will remain with the grant winner. We ask that where possible you mention the Division of EDI at UNSW in relevant media generated by the project, and that we are able to celebrate any achievements of the project as part of our future communications.

EDI will provide funding of up to $2,500, assistance in paying invoices, updates on budget remaining, and a report template for the final report due in January 2024. We will be on hand to assist where we can with questions you may have. The rest is up to you!

Please email We are happy to answer any questions on the Anti-Racism Grants program.

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Arc and UNSW have partnered in an initiative called 'Be A Better Human' in order to help strengthen a respectful and inclusive culture.Together we want to encourage everyone to do more when it comes to understanding, preventing and responding to disrespectful behaviours.

In early 2021, the Division of Equity Diversity and Inclusion offered grants of up to $2,500 to Arc Clubs and Collectives to support student-led projects focused on anti-racism activities. Find out which ideas were funded.