UNSW’s Social Impact strategic priority underpins our work  

EDI Strategy 2022-2025

Equity is essential for equality, social justice, and inclusion, and for people to be able to access their human rights. That includes the right to education, to be free from discrimination, abuse and harassment, and to have a safe place in which to work and study. Equity recognises that some people are structurally, personally and socially excluded from educational and career advantages.


UNSW Yellow background with EDI Strategy 2022-2025 written on the cover

The EDI Strategy sets out how UNSW will carry out this important work. It proposes ambitious but concrete goals and sets achievable targets against which progress can be measured and improved. Significantly, the Strategy builds on our University’s work of promoting equity and diversity, and responsible global citizenship over the past five years

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NEW: UNSW Gender Equity Strategy 2024-2028

Cover of UNSW Gender Equity Strategy showing title on yellow background with image of the big mesh globe on the UNSW library lawn


UNSW's first Gender Equity Strategy enshrines inclusive practice, enabling staff of all genders to feel valued, respected and able to be their authentic selves.

It reflects our collective vision and, as a blueprint for action across the institution, allows us to cohesively communicate our ambitions and goals.

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Access & Equity (Students) Strategy 2020-2025

A&E strategy front cover on UNSW yellow background with an image of purple chairs in a lecture theatre


Access and Equity's (Students) main focus is to increase access for under-represented students to higher education.

This is achieved through the University’s flagship outreach program, Aspire.

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By measuring progress against our strategic goals and objectives we are able to optimise activities and maxmise impact.