Represents, advocates for and serves the needs and interests of UNSW’s international students

The International Collective

The Collective provides a variety of services and activities, all underpinned by a policy of zero-tolerance for discrimination within a harmonious and diverse cultural environment. 


  • Advocate for the interests and needs of international students at UNSW; 
  • Represent international students at UNSW and act as a bridge of communication between the university and international students; 
  • Provide consultation, help and supports for international students at UNSW; 
  • Promote cross-cultural awareness and interactions in UNSW; and 
  • Engage international students on campus with various events and activities. 

It focuses on immigration policy changes, language training, career opportunities, accommodation, legal issues, on- and off-campus safety and culture integration. 

The type of events run by the International Collective include:  

  • International Night Market 
  • Travel Concession Campaign 
  • Migration Seminars 
  • IELTS Workshops 
  • Self-defence/Martial Art Workshops 
  • 'Know Your Rights' Legal Workshops 
  • International Student Liaison Group Meetings 
  • International Mingling Night 
  • International Student Photographic Competition 

To get involved, send an email or drop into an event. Find out more

People of Colour Collective

The People of Colour Collective (previously the Ethno-Cultural Collective) provides support and a safe, autonomous space for students who feel marginalised on the basis of their race, ethnicity or culture. 

The Collective hosts campaigns and events that not only celebrate our diverse cultures, but also educates the wider UNSW community on racism and ally-ship. 


  • Provide help for cultural and linguistic matters. For example, helping first year students to access UNSW’s support services. 
  • Advocate for the interests of students to ensure the diversities on our campus are respected. For example, helping students raise matters of discrimination based on nationality, colour, language, ethnic background and or religion with the appropriate authority.  
  • Meet other students who have a passion in areas like languages, history and globetrotting! 

To get involved, visit the Facebook page, send an email or drop into an event. Find out more

For more information check out the UNSW Ethnocultural Collective Facebook Group or email the SRC Ethno-Cultural Collective