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Working to embed the principles and practices of equity, diversity and inclusion across our campuses.

Our passionate team strives to create a fairer society. We believe untapped excellence exists in all facets of society, and no person or group should face barriers to any opportunity. 




Access, Equity & Inclusion


Yuwaya Ngarra-li

Disability Innovation Institute

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Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion 
Email: edi@unsw.edu.au
Phone: 02 9065 8095

More about EDI

Under UNSW’s Strategy 2025 Vision for Social Impact, EDI continues to work to shape and progress a just society by mobilising our community’s expertise to lead debate, sustainably address global challenges, and foster equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Division aims to create an inclusive campus for students and staff to reach their full potential and to promote the value and benefits of diversity for students, staff and visitors.