Tools to help you find the right balance 

UNSW is committed to helping students and staff balance work-life responsibilities, by providing access to high-quality services, facilities, and flexible work and leave arrangements, where possible.  

In Australian Federal Law breastfeeding is a right, not a privilege. Breastfeeding parents have the right to breastfeed anywhere. At UNSW, breastfeeding parents can also choose to access one of the parents' rooms located at our Kensington and Canberra campuses.

A collection of topical subjects covering an array of issues around Career, Family and Wellbeing. These podcasts take a deep dive into what it takes to successfully support your work/study and caring responsibilities – and most importantly – your personal wellbeing.

UNSW collaborates with Parents at Work to provide support to UNSW parents and soon-to-be parents, on topics such as Preparing for Parental Leave, Returning to Work After Parental Leave, and Managing Mental Wellbeing for You and Your Family.

Support funds

Up to $2,000 to support UNSW academic and professional employees and Higher Degree Research (HDR) Program students of all genders with primary caring responsibilities, to continue to enhance their careers.