Goal #6

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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The Australian Water Partnership

Australia’s experience in water reform in a federal system of government, the application of science to build the foundation for national water policy, and the establishment of policies and institutions to ensure the sustainability of reforms are of keen international interest.

UNSW is a proud partner of the AWP, promoting conscious water usage off campus and in the wider community by highlights how stormwater and treated wastewater are possible water sources.

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UNSW Global Water Institute

The UNSW Global Water Institute (UNSW-GWI) is a world leader in water research, innovation and problem solving. The Institute is a truly multi-disciplinary venture, drawing on water expertise across UNSW to create the Nation’s most advanced water knowledge hub. This includes:

The UNSW Global Water Institute are committed to collaborating with government, industry, NGOs, communities and other research organisations in achieving an enduring global impact and contribute to a future where all communities have access to world-leading research, education, information and innovation to better manage water resources for drinking, agriculture and the protection of marine and fresh water ecosystems.


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The centres and research groups that contribute to GWI include: 


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UNSW Water Research Centre

The Water Research Centre (WRC) is an international leading university centre that provides multidisciplinary research in water resources, engineering, management and the development of tools for environmental management and sustainability for improving aquatic and atmospheric environments.

With its two research locations in Sydney, it operates as an externally funded UNSW research centre within the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, serving more than 50 staff and supporting more than 80 PhD Students.

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Connected Waters Initiative 

The Connected Waters Initiative (CWI) is a multidisciplinary initiative at UNSW that undertakes world-leading research that advances knowledge of groundwater processes to create solutions which provide effective water supply management for communities, agriculture and mining in the Asian Pacific region and internationally, while improving social equity and sustainable environmental outcomes.

With its partners, CWI continue to train the next generation of expert researchers and groundwater professionals.

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Global Water Partnership

The UNSW GWI is a member of the Global Water Partnership, which is a global action network across 183 countries which aims to inform decisions and affect policy on water use and management.

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UNSW Environmental Sustainability Plan

UNSW has a history of environmental stewardship across research, learning & teaching and campus operations across several decades. The Environmental Sustainability Report 2021 measures and outlines our achievements to date.

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UNSW Sustainable Development Goals 2020-2021 Report

This report outlines UNSW's performance against the SDGs over the years 2020-2021.


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