Rebecca Shuptrine

UNSW Staff - she / her

"Society underestimates the valuable contribution and employability of people with disability".

Rebecca was reluctant to disclose her Multiple Sclerosis in previous workplaces. She feared that by disclosing her chronic illness, people would assume she was less capable than her colleagues. She refused to let her physical limitations define her.   

“It’s very important to be valued for my professional abilities and not be seen as my disability.” 

UNSW is the only workplace where she has openly disclosed her disability. Initially there were mixed reactions. While most of her colleagues were supportive, a few had concerns she would struggle to manage the workload.  

“There is an assumption that people with a disability will hinder workplace productivity or be a liability. Through the right support and work culture, people with disabilities can wholly contribute, and bring value to their role. It also reminds us how diverse the human condition really is.”  

As Program Manager for the Division of Equity Diversity & Inclusion, Rebecca is developing the Disability Inclusion Action Plan to ensure UNSW can offer a more accessible and inclusive environment for people with disabilities alongside other projects. 

 “I love my job. I feel lucky to be paving the way for more positive experiences for students and staff including those with disability, and to ensure everyone is seen for who they truly are.” 

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