Essential Training For Students & Staff

Gaining a solid understanding of what sexual misconduct is and how to recognise it.

We provide preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment awareness training across all UNSW residential colleges. This ensures our student leaders and staff have a strong understanding of: 

  • What is consent? What does this mean in terms of sexual relationships and when can you give your consent
  • How to communicate what you are comfortable and not comfortable with - so you can navigate relationships successfully and understand boundaries
  • Recognise unconscious bias and the impacts of language and everyday gendered micro-aggressions to unconsciously promote a culture of disrespect 
  • To understand the difference between respectful and disrespectful behaviours – and empower bystanders to speak out when they hear or see something 
  • To understand UNSW staff and student codes of behaviour

This training is administered by UNSW in partnership with the Gendered Violence Research Network.  


We developed a gendered violence awareness training program for students and staff specifically tailored to UNSW. This training is delivered in person and via an e-learning package.

Underpinning our training and awareness programs we are also strengthening our staff and student codes of conduct and making our policies and procedures in relation to sexual misconduct more visible and more accessible.