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UNSW demonstrates expertise through people, centres and institutes and partnership

The Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre was created to support innovation and growth across the value chain. It commenced operations in 2019 for an initial term of 10 years, with a budget from the Commonwealth of Australia and participants totalling $174 million. Future Food Systems aims to achieve its goals through its strong industry, government and research partnerships with collaborators such as Sanitarium Health Food, state and Commonwealth governments, and UNSW Sydney.

The Institute for Global Development (IGD) is part of a regional and global development community that seeks to advance knowledge on sustainable development and social justice. The IGD researches and promotes new approaches to policy and practice in order to tackle today’s most complex and disruptive global challenges. The IGD works with all faculties across UNSW and with local and international partners to co-create knowledge and translate its research findings into changes that matter: generating sustainable and equitable futures for people around the world, and together working towards achieving the SDGs.

The Sydney Institute for Marine Science (SIMS) is a collaborative venture between four Sydney Universities, including UNSW, and numerous state and federal government departments. SIMS provides a wealth of infrastructure for the Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation’s marine activities, enabling researchers to use molecular tools in more realistic contexts in the marine environment. 

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) is an independent, Australian NGO affiliated with UNSW committed to advancing human rights and empowering civil society in the Asia-Pacific region through quality education and training, and the building of skills and capacity in non-governmental organisations and for individual human rights defenders and community advocates.

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UNSW is committed to strengthening the means of implementation and revitalising the global partnership for sustainable development. Explore our commitments and activities to this Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). 

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