The EDI Board 

Roles & Responsibilities

UNSW’s Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Board supports organisational change to enable the University to be a leading exemplar in diversity and inclusion. The University’s Leadership Team and Diversity Champions play an integral part in driving this change and fostering an inclusive campus where everyone can reach their full potential.

EDI Board:

  • Meets quarterly to prioritise initiatives that can improve equity and diversity for students and staff 
  • Reviews progress of diversity goals against the plans and targets set by the University, Faculties and Divisions   

EDI Board Academic Chair   

"I believe greater social justice results in a happier, safer and more prosperous society"

Professor Eileen Baldry is the Academic Chair of the EDI Board and UNSW’s first Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Equity Diversity & Inclusion.  

As a member of UNSW’s Management Board, Eileen oversees the governance and policy setting by the EDI Board, ensuring this aligns with the mission, direction and priorities outlined in UNSW’s 2025 Strategy.

The EDI Board Chair:

  • Sets the agenda for each EDI Board meeting
  • Main contact between the EDI Board and UNSW’s Management Board

The more we improve equity and fairness in our society… reduce the gap between rich and poor, achieve equity for women, Indigenous Australians, people with disability, the LGBTIQ+ community and other marginalised groups - the more everyone can contribute and be positively invested in their communities and society.