Strategy 2025

Our relationship to the 2025 Strategy

UNSW’s social engagement objectives are integral to the Strategy:

  • Achieve equality of access for students of all backgrounds
  • Equality of progression for all staff 
  • Promote equality and diversity in society  

UNSW’s EDI Board meets quarterly to identify and prioritise initiatives to improve equity and inclusion of staff and students and drive the ambitious agenda to be an international exemplar of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Equity, diversity and Inclusion are embedded as central objectives of UNSW’s 10-year strategic plan, the 2025 Strategy. Five initiatives and programs, with measurable outcomes, form the basis of UNSW’s social engagement objectives.

One of the five initiatives outlined by the Strategy 2025 is to implement UNSW’s Disability Action Plan (DIAP). This plan aims to make the learning, working and teaching experience welcome and inclusive for people of all abilities.

EDI grants aim to encourage initiatives that enrich UNSW’s culture of equity, diversity and inclusivity. In March 2019, students and staff were given the opportunity to apply for a $5,000 EDI grant.

UNSW Diversity Fest 2019 brought students, staff and the wider community together to uplift voices from diverse backgrounds and ignite conversations for a more inclusive society.

The UNSW Respect! Survey invited students and staff from 18 April – 17 May 2019 to share their experiences in relation to harassment, bullying, discrimination, sexual misconduct and related topics.