UNSW Diversity Champions

UNSW appoints new Diversity Champions every two years.

Our champions are passionate individuals who drive change across the university in their respective diversity areas: gender, flexible work and leave options, cultural diversity, LGBTIQ+ and disability. They assist in developing and implementing strategies that support a diverse and inclusive working and learning environment at this university. Our Champions meet with their Working Groups to discuss how we can overcome specific diversity challenges while offering a network for students and staff. On the Equity Diversity & Inclusion board, our Diversity Champions are committed to creating a fair and equitable society for everyone. 

Arifa Sarfaz

“As a first-generation Muslim woman, a mother, student and part-time employee I understand what it means to experience the challenges of diversity. I feel fortunate to be part of the change and hope to cultivate a culture where everyone feels safe and empowered to build a socially just, sustainable and emotionally fulfilling future.”

- Arifa Sarfraz, Cultural Champion 

Dr Alanya Drummond

“I will support those experiencing disability related to physical or mental ill-health in higher education. With lived experience of clinical anxiety, I will work to increase recognition of the breadth of circumstances that people with disability experience, and how to manage common trigger situations in the classroom.”

- Dr Alanya Drummond, Disability Champion 

Vinita Chanan

“I believe in a gender-balance workplace to foster excellence and innovation. I will listen to your gender issues and lobby for greater gender equity in the UNSW community.”

- Vinita Chanan, Gender Champion (shared role) 

Professor Timothy O'Leary

"I would like to see more men engaged in the gender conversation. Gender equity impacts everyone and can only be achieved when people of all genders work together and call for change.”

- Professor Timothy O'Leary, Gender Champion (shared role) 

Associate Professor Adrienne Torda

"As a woman who juggles career, family and embraces it all, I want to help other women to realise it’s possible. I am passionate about improving gender equity by broadening opportunities and having visible role models and mentors.”

- Associate Professor Adrienne Torda, Gender Champion (shared role) 

Dr. Bridget Haire

“Since 2015, I have co-facilitated the Ally training at UNSW. I have learned about the kinds of stigma and discrimination staff and students have experienced because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. This role is an opportunity to build a culture that has zero tolerance for bigotry of any kind.”

- Dr. Bridget Haire, LGBTIQ Champion 

Patrick Armstrong

“In my role, I hope to provide UNSW leaders and staff with tools, information and resources to enable us to move towards best practice in the flexible working space.”

- Patrick Armstrong, Flexible Work and Leave Options Champion