Women's Wellbeing Academy

The UNSW Women’s Wellbeing Academy (WWBA) was established in December 2019, with an inaugural meet-up at which there were 20 short presentations on aspects of women’s wellbeing.

There was enormous interest in presenting and the intention was to have a follow-up meeting early in 2020. COVID-19 put these plans on hold, so we are progressing with a virtual WWBA to enable staff and students working in various areas of women’s wellbeing at UNSW to continue to connect and collaborate.

The WWBA is committed to bringing together colleagues from across UNSW to enhance and highlight our diverse multidisciplinary work in the area of women’s wellbeing.

With a commitment to the sustainable development goals, the WWBA fosters translational collaboration and innovation, by creating opportunities to showcase excellence and to advance gender justice.

Our vision

To create positive impacts nationally and globally, in key areas of women’s wellbeing through collaborative translational research and practice to advance gender equity and equality.

Professor Eileen Baldry and Professor William Ledger co-host a weekly podcast remotely from their homes in isolation, interviewing experts on women’s wellbeing. 

We have various types of membership to allow for UNSW staff and students as well as collaborators to join the WWBA.

News and Events

The WWBA aims to run regular meetings and events throughout the year and will post details as soon as available. In the meantime, please email lily.halliday@unsw.edu.au to receive our newsletter and stay up to date on what is happening.