UNSW is committed to providing an environment that is free from racial discrimination, harassment and vilification. 

We offer a workplace and learning environment that aims to ensure individuals and groups are not disadvantaged due to their race including colour, nationality, descent, ethnicity, ethno-religious or national origin.

We have recently updated our Anti-Racism Policy after collaborating with a diverse group of students and staff from across UNSW.

Prior to commencing the review of the Policy, Equty Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) ran a think tank with students and staff to gather ideas on actions we could take to prevent and respond to racism at UNSW. This enabled direct feedback on how racism has impacted UNSW community members and provided valuable direction on how to conduct the policy review. There was strong support for updating the policy and bringing this in line with procedures for reporting disrespectful behaviour.

The Policy recognises that racism and racial discrimination do not always look the same, but no matter how seemingly 'casual' racism is, it has a devastating effect on members of our community. Unacceptable behaviour at UNSW includes:

  • Racial vilification
  • Race-based harassment
  • Hostile work or learning environments
  • Lateral violence
  • Microaggressions and racist jokes.

UNSW supports active bystanders to challenge racism whenever it is safe to do so, and recognises that the University has a responsibility to ensure a safe learning and working environment for all.

UNSW also supports and encourages the reporting of any and all racist incidents on campus.

The Policy is in a draft consultation phase until 9 July 2021. Feedback, which is encouraged from all students and staff, can be sent to Farhana Laffernis, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Officer, at edi@unsw.edu.au.

For more information, see the UNSW Anti-Racism Policy and the Equity Diversity & Inclusion Policy.