While the conversation around gender equality is centuries old, it is as relevant as ever. There is still a significant gender pay gap and inequality in rates of gender-based crimes, access to education and healthcare, property ownership, political representation, retirement savings, freedom of expression and corporate leadership. 

Core themes

The word on the left and 2 overlapping green circles to the right
  • The “Why?” of gender equality
  • The gender pay gap
  • Everyday sexism
  • Recruitment and promotions
  • Flexibility
  • Sexual harassment
  • Domestic violence
  • Women in leadership


    Learning objectives

    By completing the Gender Equity course, you will have: 

    • Improved knowledge of the dynamics of gender equality and an understanding of the importance and possibilities of gender equality
    • The ability to identify some of the characteristics of sexism, sexual harassment, domestic and family violence
    • Tools to move forward in assessing your own contributions to, and the importance of, gender equality in the workplace


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