Sara Talebloo

UNSW Staff - she / her

"Don't immediately assume someone's religion based on their ethnicity. It's time to start having elevated conversations with each other".

The daughter of a Muslim father and Baha’i mother, Sara and her siblings were raised in a harmonious, interfaith family. In her late teens, Sara decided to practice the Baha’i faith – a religion that focuses on the oneness of mankind, removal of all prejudices and equality between women and men.  

Sara is a globetrotter who worked in the United Kingdom and Israel, before coming to Australia and working for UNSW in Estate Management. Coming to Australia, she realised many Australians had preconceived notions about the Middle East and do not realise the diverse range of people that live there.   

“People often assume I am Muslim because my family are from Iran.”  

Yet, the Middle East is full of culture that dates to 3500BC and has a large Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian and Baha’i population. “Not everyone in the Middle East is Muslim.” This common assumption ignores that religious beliefs and practices – are not bound to the colour of our skin, or cultural heritage.  

“I hope to give the wider community courage to ask, rather than assume someone’s religion, gender or sexuality based on the way we look.” 

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