Flexible Work Culture

Searching for the right work-life balance? 

You’re not alone. 

UNSW helps you achieve your work-life integration by providing access to high-quality services, facilities and flexible work and leave options. Thinking about working flexibly? Have a conversation with your manager or HR consultant as your first step.  

Flexibility at work means we can attract and retain talented staff who are also carers, parents, people with disability, and people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  

“We are working to understand how we can support staff to make it easier for them to factor in and honour their personal commitments and work responsibilities. I want UNSW’s culture to enable staff who work flexibly to thrive and have interesting, satisfying careers.” 

- Professor Eileen Baldry, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Equity Diversity & Inclusion. 

Flexible work and leave options are vital for UNSW to promote a flexible work culture across professional and academic staff and embrace the productivity and health benefits for everyone across the whole university. 

Flexible work is important at UNSW. It supports a diverse, productive workplace and allows for a better work-life integration to meet your career goals in the short and long term.